Casino Bonuses and their Wagering requirements.

  • Jan 19, 2021

For new players, who are new to the iGaming world, it is important to know the different types of bonuses that are up for grabs for you. After you have identified the wide range of options you have, you can now move on to check the terms and conditions that are necessary for you to meet before you can qualify for the bonus and as well as cash-out on those bonuses. The terms and conditions vary for different category of players. There are bonuses specially reserved for existing players so as to reward them for staying with the casino for long and also for new players. To read more about the types of bonuses and their requirements, you can check 1casino-bonuses .

Wagering requirements is the amount of times the player can play the bonus before he can be allowed to claim the money and withdraw his winnings where necessary. Different casinos have different conditions they need players to meet before they can claim their prize. Among all the many conditions put out by the casino is the withdrawal limits which can also be called the wagering requirement. When you join a casino as a newbie, you would be encouraged to meet some wagering requirement before your bonus can be claimed. The bonus will keep increasing as often as a player wager different amounts. It is the bonus money that accumulates and gets to a sum that can be withdrawn as real money.


Types of Casino Bonuses.

There are several casino bonuses both new and even existing players can enjoy in an online casino and these bonuses comes with their wagering requirements. You need to meet these wagering requirements before your bonus money could be converted to real money. There are different ways you can have insight to the wagering requirements of a casino and one way is by checking the terms and conditions which also contains different factors that can make it impossible for the player to withdraw. It's also important for players to check the fine prints. There are different casino bonuses that Online casinos gives its players and they include Welcome bonus, Loyalty reward, Match bonus, Free spins, Bonus cash and Reload bonus.

Bonuses - Welcome Bonus and Match Bonus

The first casino bonus a new player should know about is the welcome bonus because it is mainly designed for them. It is a bonus that focus on getting more users to play on the casino. You get this bonus when you open an account with the casino and after the sign-up, you're greeted with this bonus when you log-in to play on the casino. Another casino bonus is the Match bonus. This type of bonus can be claimed when you deposit money in a game. The amount that a player puts into the game will be matched by the casino and a percentage of the amount will now be paid to the player.

Bonuses - Free Spins and Loyalty rewards

Free spin is another casino bonuses players can claim because these bonuses are attached to other kinds of bonuses. For example, a casino can offer a welcome bonus as both match bonus and free spins. Free spins are bonuses that can be used on video slot games this is because they help you get more playing time completely for free. Loyalty rewards on the other hand is a bonus category for existing users. Top casinos uses this bonus to keep its already available players to stay on their site and play their variety of games. The player would have used certain number of months in the casino before he can qualify for this bonus.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Conclusively, if you're a new player and you're wondering if you could withdraw casino bonuses, the answer is yes.The casino bonus can be withdrawn after it has accumulated to an expected amount and that is when you can cash-out on your real money. You need to note that you cannot withdraw the bonus until it has accumulated to the minimum withdrawal limit. I would also recommend the casino bonus style of withdrawal to new players because it is requires less strategies as opposed to the conventional way of playing the game and cashing out. You may lose or win when going through the normal route but with the bonus style it's a win-win situation for you. One downside to this is that it may take time.

Is it possible to withdraw Casino Bonus?